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Venetian Plaster Gallery

  • Can you use Venetian Plaster in bathrooms?
    Yes, the application of Venetian Plaster is used in conjunction with microcement in bathrooms. Together they create seamless designs for walls and floors. The microcement is applied in the shower recess and Venetian plaster can be applied on all other walls. It is also durable and eco-friendly.
  • Is Venetian Plaster suitable for joinery work?
    Yes! Venetian Plaster is so versatile it can be applied to kitchen benchtops, tables and cabinets and many other surface areas, creating effective features and finishes.
  • What makes VPG Venetian Plaster Eco-friendly?
    The Stucco Venetian Plaster used at Venetian Plaster Gallery is created using natural ingredients from ancient Venetian recipes. The products are lime-based from raw materials. This allows the walls to resist mildew and condensation. It is a natural anti-bacterial and a natural mould killer.
  • Can Venetian Plaster be used for exterior surfaces?
    Yes, Venetian Plaster can be applied on exterior surfaces. Venetian Plaster Gallery have a range of finishes and features for exterior designs.
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