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Venetian Plaster: The age-old craft is Trending in 2022

During the time of the Roman empire, Venetians developed an easier, less expensive way to get the look of natural and precious stone using water and limestone minerals.

Bring this texture to your walls in 2022 with Venetian plaster. It is enduring and durable.

The tactile quality is achieved through a combination of high-end material and application technique. Venetian plaster is applied to surfaces in several super-thick layers with a trowel and brush. These many layers make the final product much thicker, mimicking natural stone. It also means the surface is incredibly durable—so much so that you can even use it outside.

Despite its thick, textural appearance, Venetian plaster is actually soft and smooth to the touch. Additionally, it only gets better with age and wear. This makes it a wise choice for kitchens and bathrooms, and it looks beautiful in all living spaces.

Venetian plaster is also great for achieving a lived-in, mineral-rich look on the walls that you can't quite get from other regular paint finishes. Designers love it for its ability to warm up formerly sterile spaces, thanks to the variations and colour that create movement and depth. Its beauty is in its imperfection and it's an age-old craft that happens to be experiencing a major revival in the design world today.

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