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What is Pastellone?

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Terre granules have been added to this Pastellone. It has been applied on the walls and floors of this bathroom
Pastellone Wall to Floor

Pastellone is Classic Venetian Marmorino for floors. With added hydraulic lime and acrylic binders, it retains the aesthetics of Marmorino while adding durability. Pastellone is suitable for use in areas where you want natural materials and simple lines.

It is ideal product for a minimalist environment because of its smooth, uninterrupted continuity. This natural Marmorino is suitable for any area: bathrooms, kitchens, stairs, hallways, or bedrooms. It can be applied inside showers, in saunas, to worktops and furniture. Cleaning is extremely easy.

Pastellone has a smooth, lightly polished finish. The final effect depends on the application technique and on the protective treatment. It can range from a natural appearance to a satin or glossy finish.

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